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Are You Delusional?   2 comments

Are You Delusional?

I was watching Criminal Minds the other night and, if you are familiar with the show you know that there are quotes randomly mentioned throughout each episode.  This particular one, mentioned at the very beginning, caused me to put the remote down and stop surfing the channels. 

 “The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

George Bernard Shaw never used LinkedIn but this quote really got me thinking.  We accept the invite on LinkedIn and consider the relationship solidified.  I have been speaking with so many Recruiters about the importance of Social Media and Networking.  How important it is to reach out to the people within their network after that invitation has been accepted.  Just because you are now ‘connected’ doesn’t mean that a connection has been made.  Although no communication has taken place, we are under the impression we have really earned a ‘friend’.  It is, in fact, an illusion.

Don’t slam that door once it has been opened for you.  If you are going to take the time to use the social media tools that are available, and I highly advise you to do so, learn how to do it properly so that you aren’t wasting your time.  As you are growing your network, learn about what is truly available within it.  Why else would you take the time to send out the invites?  Do you realize how valuable your network can be?  Yes, you do or you never would have set up the account in the first place.  If only you would unlock its true potential.  Once you do, you can then begin to reap the rewards of your efforts. 

If you are having problems getting started or have questions that you would like answered ask me.  I am more than happy to help.  That is what I am here for. 

And just so you know, I live by two philosophies: 

1)  The only stupid questions are those that are unasked and left unanswered.

2)  If you are not making mistakes, how do you expect to learn?



Lea McKay

Recruiter’s Career Coach

RBS Staffing – Managing Partner



Hide and Go Seek   Leave a comment


 Recruiter’s Hide & Go Seek


Seek and Be Sought



This weekend, while my nieces and nephews were visiting, all the kids decided to play hide and go seek.  As one began to count, the others scattered quickly racing to search out the best hiding places.  Between the girls giggling and my nephew trying to hide in the bushes with his red sneakers sticking out from underneath – it did not prove to be a very difficult search.

Just a typical childhood game and yet, while they were playing I realised that Recruiter’s play a somewhat similar version.  We play this game day in and day out however, in the Recruiter’s version, being the last one found does not result in earned bragging rights but rather missed opportunities.  No, I am not talking about the candidates; I am talking about YOU

Do you have any idea how many opportunities you have missed?  Do you know that there are candidates looking for you?  Do you know that as you are using social media tools to track them down, they are using the same social media tools to find you?  You are probably passing each other in Cyber Space!  I know for a fact that this is true because Rebecca and I are receiving calls from the people that you are looking for.  While you are searching for them, they are finding us.  

So what is a Recruiter to do when they find themselves in the position of being both the seeker, and the one sought after?  Follow the same advice you provide to your candidates. 

Get yourself out there and start networking.  With all of the social media tools available to everyone today, there is no excuse for anyone not to have a profile in one form or another.  The amount of time it takes to set up an account is minimal, compared to the possible connections and doors it could open for you.  You don’t have to go all out and opt for every platform that is offered however, you should take the time to compare some of the different tools to see which one you can commit to and use with the greatest ease. 

Passive candidates are looking to be represented by you.  They are searching profiles to find the right person, so tailor yours to be a true representation of yourself and while you’re at it, explain why you should be the one chosen over anyone else.  Make sure that your information is current and includes a list of ways to get a hold of you.  It should be easy to locate your contact information so keep it as close to the top of the page as you can.  (RBS places their contact information in the Summary Section on LinkedIn).  Someone passively looking will want your information to jump out at them.  Should they be required to search for it, they may be inclined to simply skip over you and move on to the next Recruiter.  Social Media can be a very powerful tool.  Don’t under utilize it.  Get it working for you!

Also, don’t wait to begin networking.  Start now!  Your network is an invaluable resource and establishing one has never been easier.  The sooner you begin to connect with people, the sooner you begin to build relationships and through those relationships your network will grow.  If you are looking for niche candidates, go where they are.  Join groups that they are members of and participate in discussions.  By establishing a rapport within these groups and offering yourself as a resource, candidates will be drawn to you and want to become a part of your network.  You can also create your own group and only invite or allow specific candidates to join.  In growing your group you are creating a huge pool for you, and you alone, to draw from.  Just remember that you need to interact with the group or you will lose the candidates!

I know that this is said repeatedly but, remember that no matter the social tool you choose to use, EVERYONE can see what and how you are responding.  Be conscious of your behaviour and etiquette. Sure, it seems like common sense but just look at some of the blogs posted regarding people and their misuse of social media.  Avoid the implications and use it accordingly.

These are only a few suggestions to help you get noticed.  What are some of the things you do to earn bragging rights and gain opportunities in the game of Seek and Be Sought?

Lea McKay

Recruiter’s Career Coach

RBS Staffing Consultants


RBS is the Recruiters Career Coach.

What You Don’t Know Could Hurt You   1 comment


Have you ever done a Google Search on yourself?  Any ideas on what you would find?  Imagine you have the perfect candidate or the perfect client.   What are they going to find?

In today’s cyber world, where you are virtually searching for candidates, your candidates are searching for you, as are your clients.  You can never be too careful about what is being posted about you.  Just because you have tools that you use for ‘business’ and those that you have for ‘personal’ use does not mean that they aren’t cross viewed.   There has been a major transformation in the recruiting industry and a higher percentage are turning to social media tools to find the right match, be it a candidate or client.

Like it or not, this is the way of our world now.  Cameras the size of credit cards that can capture photos and video are everywhere and people are uploading the information for all of Cyber Land to view.  Even those X-rated pictures that were taken 10 years ago in university that you thought no one had copies of or even knew about, surprise!  And it isn’t just someone, it is ANYONE.  Once posted, they are now present for everyone’s viewing pleasure and critiquing.

I am pretty lucky.  I haven’t done anything, at least not yet, deemed horrifically exciting enough to deface my name or reputation.   When I Googled myself, I found the usual hits that I would expect to appear.  There are however, numerous stories of people with more common names that have humourous, annoying or less than desired results returned.   Regardless of the reputation you are aiming for, this can affect your identity and/or brand and possibly even your career. 

With all that is out there, what is one supposed to do? 

First, ensure that you are aware of what exactly ‘your name’ is doing on the web.   I would highly recommend that you set up a Google Alert for your name,  This will have an email sent to your attention whenever your name, or whatever you ask to be alerted about, turns up on the internet.   

If this activity surrounding your name is creating a poor reputation for yourself and causing concern, the best strategy is to post new information on the popular sitesThrough the creation of more up to date information you may appear at the top of the search forcing the old information lower on the results page.  (Notice I said may).  Add or create some profiles: Google, My Space, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or even a Blog.  There are lots out of tools out there!

Should you care? 

I guess that is a question that every individual in every type of business would answer differently.    All I can tell you is that if you have a strong web presence, you have more control over how your reputation and you appear on the web.  If my future employer was cruising Cyber Space to find out any extra information on me, I would definitely want to know what they were seeing.  At least then I could be prepared to answer anything that might come up in my interview.  No  matter how horrifying!   

Google your name, take control and be prepared.  What you don’t know, could hurt you.  


(There are other steps but they seemed like A LOT of work with results that took A LONG time to actually take place.  Plus, I am sure that if you were being impacted that negatively, you would look elsewhere besides a blog so I decided not to bore you or insult your intelligence.)

I Know What it is but, How Do I Use it?   Leave a comment


Before you decide to take the plunge and forge ahead with Personal Branding you need know what it entails and how one uses it.  Not looking before you leap, so to speak, can leave your efforts fruitless and result in nothing but a waste of time.  With most of us already feeling like there are not enough hours in the day, do we really need to waste any of them? 

So what does Personal Branding entail and how do you use it?

First and foremost, you need to know that Personal Branding is not for the weak or easily defeated.  The rewards one can reap if done and used properly are infinite however, there is definitely a devotion of time – A LOT of time – required.  Sure, there is the commitment to get out there and be noticed within your target audience but you need to do so regularly.  Taking a break stops all momentum and instead of progressing forward, you will be moving backwards. 

Second, be yourself; promote who you are and what you are trying to accomplish.  Personal Branding consists of authenticity so don’t ‘fake it’.  After all, it should be easy to release your true passion!  Personal Branding should result from genuine efforts.  You want your audience to feel that positive energy you emit.  Let them grab it, consume it and leave them wanting more.  Now that is value!

Next, ensure that what you are offering is, in fact, value.  Whatever it is you share, make sure that it is the best and most current!  Presenting anything else not only wastes your time but your audiences as well. 

When you take the time, are genuine and sharing value you must resist the temptation to constantly re-post.  There are some amazing things out there that need to be shared but, you need to produce your own material as well.  Re-posting doesn’t allow your audience to get to know you or build any type of relationship and in the end, subtracts your value. 

Don’t kid yourself, Personal Branding is not easy.  Most things worth doing aren’t easy though, right?  If you are ready to sweat it out, push yourself ahead of your competition and brand yourself, give me a call.  I am here to assist you and point you towards your path to success.